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That's a very great question :smiley: I was wondering the exact same thing when I first saw it (from the Discourse forum).

So say you want to show someone how to do a trick on the forum using some HTML code for example. If you try to type a HTML tag, the forum reads it as if you're typing HTML tag as code so it doesn't display the HTML tag. Like this:


I've written HTML but you can't see the tags. So how do you show someone the tags?

Luckily, the forum has a feature to fix this problem:


In the tool bar, you'll see a little symbol that looks like this </>:

Tap that and it'll give you some indented highlighted text. Then you can replace the highlighted text with the text that you want. And the HTML tags will appear instead of disappearing.

But if you want to show a tag in the middle of a sentence like this <i> </i>, there's a different way of doing this too. You can type the tag in between these two signs that look like apostrophes. Like this for example:

` <b> </b>`

To find the sign, press the .?123 button in the bottom left hand corner of your iPad keyboard. Then hold down on the apostrophe until a smaller menu pops up and you'll see the first option is the sign you're looking for:

Type two of those signs and type the tag in between, like [poll] for example.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask for clarification on anything :smiley: And just a tip, when you see a little trick by someone and wonder how they did it, you can press the Reply button to their topic and then quote their reply:

Then you can scroll through "behind the scenes" and see how they did the forum trick. And once you're done, you can cancel your reply. It's how I learnt this trick :smile:

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Hi, There! I'm New to the Forum! :heart:
Hi, There! I'm New to the Forum! :heart:
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Hi, There! I'm New to the Forum! :heart:
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Thanks! That's so clever!

<b>Test #1</b>

Which would look like Test #1.

And the other test, <b>Test #2</b>, which looks like Test #2.

What a great idea using quotes to see the code, also!


That's okay @CreativeCoder :smile: Glad it worked!

When you think about it, it's sort of like pressing See Code on Hopscotch and looking "behind the scenes" :smiley:

Hi thanks for sharing t1 never knew how to do it


Check this out! I can bold italic underline strikethrough So cool!!

This is the text I typed:

I just used HTML code. Click here to learn more about HTML code.


You can also do italic and bold with asterisks.

You can also do *italic* and **bold** with asterisks.

Underline and Strikethrough still require <html> tags though.

You can also collapse a section of your post.






[details=<b>Click me to expand!</b>]

Uber-impressive work by t1_hopscotch: It's "2048"!

@riking that is so cool!

Click to expand

Thank you so much for sharing this!


I've been browsing the Discourse forum trying to pick up tricks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (which was how I found out how to display HTML tags and other code like this) but never seen this before. Thanks again!


I find this particularly interesting. Though I am posting here, primarily to test the improvements which "Dan" has announced to the composer in iOS 8, I think what you have shared @riking is one of the more useful "tricks" that I have read on the forum. Not merely to chage the aesthetics of print, the ability to expand and collapse portions of text (and, I assume, quoted material or images, etc.) affects how neatly stuff is organized. That is coolness. Thanks.


@riking Yes, I knew you could use asterisks, but the detail thing is so cool!

s͞o͞ m͞u͞c͞h͞ l͞i͞n͞e͞s͞



This is a tester of the expand trick:

Click me to expand!

This is so cool!


OMG it worked! :heart_eyes:


Click me to expand!



hello I am testing with html `wow this is weird'

Hello hello



This is actually quite cool, I like it XD


this is random!
#random, #help
That was helpful
Get it?


Very useful topic, so as usual, I am reviving it! :smile:


You revived a ton while I was gone :stuck_out_tongue:


testing 1 2 3 testing


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