How-To Tutorials


I was thinking that inexperienced coders might want code tutorials, and if anyone has an idea, feel free to post code ideas(don't steal other people's, and if you do, give credit!), and pictures of the code!


Maybe you could make a tutorial on how to use values? I am good at them, I am just giving an idea. :smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just put @ in front of my username like this! @Dude73 :smile:


Here is a pic about how to make a smile for anything!


Welcome to the forum! Maybe some people would want to have some tutorials on things like smooth backgrounds, music, or values like @Dude73 said!


This is code for a smooth background!

Also, if you change the width to 1 for the trails, it will go out from the middle instead of the bottom. Thank you @YsabelleChan for the idea!