How to turn your writing GREEN!



Hello HS Forum!

This topic is about some cool ‘hacks’ that are fun to play with when posting, you could use it on your GT, or maybe just flash up some post on any topic!

I was looking at the drawing topic when I noticed the writing you get when you are uploading a photo. If you look at the preview it is greenish, but when you look at the side you type on it has the word uploading in [these] then () brackets with nothing in them next to them. So I tried to do it myself, and it works!
This also works with more than just one word, and works with conventions.
(. , ‘ “. ect)
I find that this is a cool thing to know, and I enjoy using it, I hope you do too!

GlowCumber Out!


I think that you can make this in lots of different ways.

For the text above, I used this code:
<a href> Text </a>. If you would type like this:
<a href => Google </a>, the text would link to Google.

Thanks for sharing another method to do this, I didn’t know about it before! :slight_smile:


I can do this

Wahoo look at me
He he he he he he


Oh wow this is cool!


Here’s another useless hack.

By changing the text within the QUOTE…

You can change what people say…

You can also change the username within the QUOTE…

If you change it to a Valid Username, the picture will change too.

I’m sorry if this is late, I still have a lot of pending posts.


Please explain how! This is really cool!


So apparently I’m a basic user :0
I was regular 3 months ago lol



Text boy 1
Text boy 2


The real thing in action!

Text boy 1
Text boy 2


@JonnyGamer are you back??? I miss uu


Whoa, that is super cool! Thanks for sharing that hack!!


That’s called turquoise boi


It works because the forum thinks it is a link.


You can do this:
<a>This text is blue</a>
I remember by saying that the “a” stands for aqua XD
Example: This text is blue!




Text boy 1fehuef ajdiwwbaudfbefe bruh
thank you for telling me how to do this


(I wonder if this will work)


Nope ok I’ll keep trying


I wonder if it will work


Nevermind I can’t understand this


If what will work?
The blue text, or the link?
The link won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


The blue text I just can’t figure it out