How to transfer music to hopscotch

Hi. I am part of an Undertale collab and I am one of the music makers. Some new people might not know this but- I made 2 projects with music.

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  • ppap
    If anyone knows or is experienced with how to transfer music to hopscotch, please let me know.

PPAP! Post me a link!
Wait, I can't like it. I deleted HS.
But whatever I want to see it!

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I think you have to use a computer and have a $200 app to do that

Wait what's your hopscotch username?


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Oh, lol

Not much apps cost above $200
Hopscotch is not on Computer​:blush:

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You can sign into iCloud on your computer and download it I think

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And there's a $1000 app on iPad

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Notice how I "said not much"
You can't get hopscotch on computer as far as I believe


@BuildASnowman knows how to add MiDi files into Hopscotch, but it's confusing, and I don't think there's any other way.


1) There are very few notes on the Hopscotch app, and they're all short notes. You can't have extended/held notes, or notes that stretch on.

2) You can transfer music manually, by listening to the song and choosing sound blocks and times. This is tedious, of course, but one gets used to it surprisingly quickly.
I think using sheet music should help if one's having trouble with the exact notes, but going by ear's fine, too.

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It would go better with sheet music for exact notes.

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Yeah, and you can do the same with on-ear. Unlike writing sheet music or such, there's no difference between sharps and flats, and there's no issue with writing out of a key signature. This can help sometimes, and it can hinder sometimes.

Some sheet music will have crucial notes on the baseline, and some doesn't go in a good key signature (too high/low for HS).

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I tried to do ear for a song but I failed.

Here is a video BAS made on how to do the midi hack

He used Mathematica which costs $$. But any pc based SDK will do. For example, recently I wrote a program to import a picture and "Hopscotchify" it to pixel art using (which I believe has a free version)...

Well, you can transfer Hopscotch to a computer using a USB, and file transfers, but it would be pointless. Hopscotch is made for an iPad!

As everyone else said, there isn't a version of Hopscotch on PC or MAC.