How to track people


Click this link and you can look at all mods @moderators click this link and you can look at leaders @trust_level_4 click this to look at regular @trust_level_3 click this to look at members @trust_level_2 click this to look at basics @trust_level_1 and click this to look at people who are nothing @trust_level_0


Okey... c:


I figured this out from @Kiwicute2016's bio






That actually doesn't do anything, Kiwicute said it herself! :D


Really(sarcastic)?(filling 20 characters)


That should of been a reply


It doesn't work. She did say it. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Oh, I thought you meant tagging!
Tagging doesn't work, but you can see who is in the trust level! @megaman3


I found another way click the three lines than click users


Ok, that's cool! But I think most people know this so we don't need a topic for a small thing like this :wink:

Do ya wann recycle?


No not now yet​:+1::+1::+1::+1: les go




Sorry, I don't understand... :0



But I agree most users already know this! It's nice that you found that out but try not to make topics for smaller things in the future! Thanks! :D


Found some thing else


@staff has helped me out