How To: The New Update Is Here!



So, guess what?

THE NEW UPDATE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get to change our pictures.
Here's how to change your pictures.

Tap your profile picture in hopscotch.

Then, choose your character.

This is what it will look like once you chose your character that you want.

Have fun!


This Update Is Old.....


I posted this three months ago! Of COURSE I know it's old!


well said


lol old topics r fun to look at


Thanks, Gabe. Hey, we haven't talked in a long time. How are you?


good, you?


Yeah, they are, if they're about an old update and you didn't know this thing was on there, you can use it!


I'm fine. Asi asi. And NO I don't speak Spanish, I just know the word. And you, @SnowGirl_Studios? How are you?


Im great! hows your new year for coding so far? im hoping to finish up some projects i have been working on for a couple months


mines fine!
I also changed my name to GJ studios


anyway back on topic


I'm trying to make my 74-days competition game. It's a movie about Cosmic Cody, but I really wanna drop out.


can I help?


@kiwicute2016 close this topic plzzzzzzzzzz


Sorry, Gabe, I'd be happy to let you, but it's independent.


you love meh?!?!?!?


Sorry,spell check. I don't love you.


im want to too but im going to at least try to fit it in