How to tap invisible things


hi some people have problems with on Hopscotch when they need to tap on invisible stuff but it's too invisible for them to tap, and if it's 100% you can tap it but nothing will work. Set it to 99% and it will work :slight_smile::slight_smile:


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I would set it to 99.999999999999...% just so it as much invisible so you can tap it


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What do you mean I didn't see any coding topics and I just remembered a game I made a while ago so I wanted to show :smiley::smiley:


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Cool, can I see the game you made? :)


Yeah, I used to do this, it's very easy to do, but makes the project very messy with objects all over the place

But, there is an easier way to do it without anything visible at all

For example, if you were checking if an object passed a certain point, you could say:

When ( (object) x position) > ( (Width) / 2 )
- Change Y by 200

This code let's you have an object move across, and when it gets past a certain point, it moves upwards.
This is much easier than having a character bump a slightly infisible character and then move up, like in this code: (object 2 is the 99% invisible character)

When game starts
- Set (object 2) position to: (100, (Width/2) )
- Set invisibility to 99%

When (object) bumps (object 2)
- Change Y by 200

This code is much less efficient and makes your code more buggy. It is much easier for a character to check if it's at a certain X or Y position on a map, and then do something

Hopefully this helped!