How to take screenshots



I saw people can do screen shots. But how do you do screenshots! :flushed:. I'm not saying how to put images in your post, I'm saying how to MAKE screenshots.

Screenshots on mac

On your ipad or computer?

Press the home and lock button at the same time

Windows: Press prt sc (Print screen) and it will save your screen to your clipboard
Mac: Can't help you there, sorry.

Can I repeat a rule?

For iPad what lock button?


Oh I got it! Thank you for helping


@BuildASnowman, Here's a post from me about how to take screenshots on mac if you still don't know.


I think that taking screenshots on iPad is very easy. First of all, to tap the "home" button and "Power" button. Next You can check the screenshot by turning to your "Photo" app. This is my experience, if you still have question, here is guide.


On mac, I think it's command shift 4

Then adjust the size


Await what do you mean by lock screen??


The power button, I think


I think this might help


Where is the power button? And can you post that posture again or send me the link so I can see it better!


That's the power button


Oh cool and you know when you post stuff.... Well I have seen people adding arrows or circles to their picture..just like your.. How do you do that?


Oh, I don't know how to do that, and this is just a photo I found online :wink:
Try looking it up and if you can't find it, I think it's ok to make a topic about it :slightly_smiling:


Yep I figured it out

Thanks anyways!


Just use some sort of Photoshopping program to add in arrows and stuff like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Screenshots from your iPhone are great for sharing moments from your favorite videos, high scores from your games, conversations on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, bugs you want to report, and almost anything and everything you see on your screen. And even if the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have moved the sleep/wake button to a new location, it's still as easy to take them as ever.

How to screenshot iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

  • Open the app you want to screenshot and go to the exact screen you want to screenshot. (Arrange everything exactly the way you want to see it in the screenshot.)
  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and then click the Home button. (This helps ensure you don't activate Touch ID or Siri by accident while trying to take your screenshot.)
  • The screen will flash white, you'll hear the camera shutter sound, and the screenshot will be saved to your All Photos album (or Camera Roll if you're not using iCloud Photo Library).
  • Open the Photos app from your Home screen.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find your screenshot.
  • Tap to view, favorite, edit, or share it.
  • You can also tap the camera icon or use the edit menu in apps like Messages or Mail to insert your screenshot into texts, email, and more.

That's how you do it and you can also visit this apps Whatsapp Recovery for more information.


If you are using iPhone, you can do the following steps to take a screenshots.
Step 1. Press and hold your device’s Top or Side button.
Step 2. Immediately click the Home button, then release the Top or Side button.
Step 3. In iOS 11, a thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your device.
Step 4. Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

To find the screenshot you just took, along with ones you’ve taken before, go to the Photos app > Albums and tap Screenshots. Hope this methods on how to record your iPhone screen is useful.