How to stop Procastination?



Halp meh. Procastination is taking over me.
Hello, this topic is created 'cause I and probably many more Hops had been trying to stop procrastinating but it's impossible JK XD cough me cough
This is on wiki. Edit your advice on how to stop procrastination here! Also reply with some tips and stuffs...
P.S: Can someone copy&paste the OMTL here? Thicks=D

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How to stop procrastination :

  • Make a schedule and stick to it! I'm not that great at that.... ~ PumpkinGirl
  • Say: "[insert your name here], you can't go on the forum until you're done with your homework and if you do, NO ICE CREAM FOR YOUUUU! ~BellaWaff
  • You can't. OHHHHH JK you can -@KVJ
  • I tell myself, "The quicker I finish this, the quicker I can get on the forum." (But not in a rushing way XD) ~Explorer_
    Tell yourself, JUST DO IT. It works every time, trust me ~~~Ihasfluffycupcakes aka Squirtle, aka Meme Thief, aka Blueberry Freak
  • The reminders app wasn't made for no reason! ~~~Zachyswag
  • Tell your sibling to hide your iPad. (This may not work if they refuse to tell you afterwards.) ~~~HimynameisMeredith1 aka bad avice giver. •~• dun trust me (okay maybe half)
  • Simple. Do it in class : ) And if not, just, you know... do it. ~~~ Steelhooves
  • Have self-discipline and self-control, but is isn't a easy task. —@StarryDream
    Try and log out of your forum or hopscotch account every time you leave so it takes a lot more effort to access -MelodiousParrot
  • you don't stop procrastination, it stops you lol um i mean Make due dates of any sorts one day earlier than they seem so you get started early -Fishyguitars
  • just wait until it's the last day to submit something ;) -iReesesCup


@Maltese, leader of procrastination enterprises



I'm procrastinating rn.


Same! @DMF needs halp!!!


Me too

A very big math project is due this Monday.



Looks like neither of us can help XD


Well I know that @FoodDelivery 'forced' himself to follow his publish schedule...
(If I'm not mistaken)


This isn't on wiki.. :frowning:


Thanks for reminding me! It's on wiki now!


I'll put the OMTL on the first post


It can't, I can never.

It will always happen to me no matter what



hello I've been summoned

how to stop procrastination: find a device that takes a long time to get on the forum or hopscotch and is very glitchy (aka my about-to-explode IPad)

put that device on something next to you

do other things; you won't be tempted to go on the forum because you know it'll take about 30 seconds just to log in and about 15 to do everything else.

(This is for addiction to the forum/hopscotch)

For procrastination: make a schedule! When you work hard on something for a certain amount of time, reward yourself.


Ayeeeee :clap:🏻

Very well said


I added a tip



No offense but
Your advice is great to HSers who use school's iPad.
But what if some HSers Donner have school ipad, what if they are t allowed to bring devices to school cough me cough
Yep, dat no devices in school rule sux for me


Eeekkk! Neva would I let my siblings touch my iPad XD


Sorry I had to XD


I'm typing my bio rn...
Then I'll add it as my prof pic :wink:


Wanna talk in mai general topic?


Yeah sure!

Just tag me and I'll come :wink: