How to stop people from remixing your projects and said it was their's



You had a hard imagination to get your project. You worked hard on that project, finally you've published it. Someone wants to own that project. They remixed your project, doing nothing with it and re published it. They got more likes and followers trough that unedited remix. They said it was theirs. How to stop this?

This had Happened to me before. I created Emoji Editor with my own brain. No remixes. Then someone remixed my project: SassyGirl. She got like 100 more likes than my own one. She didn't edited anything. Title, ideas, everything is in that remix. So frown now on, I put my own Branding in every project I make:

So they won't steal it.
And when they dare, report the project to the hopscotch support center. And post your project that the person remixed. If you have your branding, hopscotch will have proof why you want that project to be reported (if they removed the branding)

And you too! If you stole an idea, and made changes, give credit like
Idea by Captain G
And publish it

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-Captain. G


Exactly what I needed.
Great explanation, clear and with a cool image.


That's a really smart idea @Captain_G, but there is no guarantee that people won't change your name to theirs. In my Elsa and Anna pixel art project which took a ton of time and effort, I wrote my name at the bottom hoping people would not change it. But, someone changed it from my name to theirs and started getting likes. Just because I reported it doesn't mean no one else saw it. Fortunately, there was a very nice hopscotcher named DazzlinLemon that stood up for me and told the person that wasn't right and that I had made the project. You can try as hard as you want to try to make people not change your name but sometimes people want credit for things they didn't make to get more publicity. That's just how it works. Hopefully, everyone will begin to realize this and this problem won't happen anymore. Maybe @liza @alish @ian we could add a button in the report project section that says "made no changes" or "says that they made this project" so this won't happen anymore!


Or put a hidden message in the background saying This project belongs to:(whatever your name is) Simple! Just leave it invisible so that when someone remixes unit might show up


Basically what I'm saying is what @Captain_G said.


One of my projects had my name on the title.... Someone came along and took my name from the title and added theirs! They said credit to me but... THEY CANT TAKE MY NAME. OFF OF MY PROJECT!!!!!! It was MY ice cream maker but THEY said it was THEIR ice cream maker:rage::rage::rage::rage:!


I can't stand it when that happens! If I use someone's project and take the colors or something, at the bottom I write, this project by SoapyBubbles, original design by, (whoever).


@HoppingBanana I like that idea! It's kind of how when you look up certain pictures and it has a clear-ish branding over it.


I think it is ok to remix as long as they give the person credit and improve it.


I agree, it's just a lot of people don't give credit or improve. For example, only three out of the thirteen remixes on my Angry Birds Pig actually changed anything or even gave credit to me!


At least some of them gave credit! :blush:


Exactly! Giving credit is very important!


I agree it isn't right not to give credit but it doesn't really matter because of this..


Hi @Captain_G, @SoapyBubbles, @HoppingBanana and @CreativeCoder I agree it is frustrating when people just republish your projects without adding anything and getting more likes for it.

I think sometimes people might not realise about giving credit, especially if they're just new to Hopscotch and don't know about rehopping. I totally agree we should give credit and not remove the original creator's name :smiley:


My solution to this isn't anger, but branding is an awesome idea. Here's my story:
I made a wave project whe Hopscotch was just created. When you remixed a project, it wouldn't show who it was branched by. So I created a wave project a long time ago. A lot of people copied it and claimed that it was theirs. I was angry at first, but when my mind was clear, I realized that they copied it because they liked my project. I thought if it as an reward! Talking to a few of the people is good too.
Still coping projects isn't right, but think of it the bright way.


**Did you read completely what I said above???

And that I mean when they dare to redo your project without remix and said it was theirs without credit, you do that. You know. I have heard people doing that.

Well if you don't want to put a branding on your project, do this:

*liked some replies about this suggestion


Wow, really @CreativeCoder?


@Kiwicute2015 that is an awesome point! I think we all needed to think about that! Thanks for bringing it up. I hop everyone comes across it at some point or post it as an individual post.


Sadly, yes. It's crazy..I told the first person who did it about it, but I just gave up eventually :pensive:


They took the branding of of the project!!!! Oh no!

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