How to stop frustration


Hi guys I'm gonna do my homework after this but i have decided to make a quick topic explaining how to stop frustration on Hopscotch or the forum.

1. Coloring or drawing

I have a special nature coloring book that I will use when I am frustrated. It will ease out the frustration and is for meditating. You can draw pictures on how you feel if it helps you calm down.

2. Listening to calm music

Listen to violin or piano music or music that helps keep you focused, like classical music. Don't listen to heavy metal or rap or pop when you're frustrated.

3. Watch something funny on YouTube

Don't watch horror stories or conspiracy theories. Watch something funny on YouTube, or something calming. I personally like watching hypnosis videos or YouTubers I like to watch.

4. Read a book

If you're frustrated with anything in your iPad, get off of it and go back to it later. Read a nice book.

5. Go outside

Get some fresh air and play outside if you're frustrated. Have fun.

6. Stop and go back to it later

Go back to whatever you're doing at the moment later. Take a break, eat something, watch TV, etc.

And I believe that's all. Thanks for reading!


Great advise! I will definitely use it if I need to!


Do you guys wanna see my meditation book and some tracks I'll listen to, some youtubers, etc.?


Great topic!! Here's a like!! :heart:


Great Topik @KayKay!


Why am I not following my own directions