How to stop and restart repeat forever


I want to make a dance party where the characters wiggle until they are tapped. Then once they do their dance action I want them to wiggle until they are tapped again. I have tried using the repeat forever on the wiggle, but then characters go kind of haywire when they are done dancing. Any suggestions?


Awesome question! Maybe you could also share a screenshot of the code you have so people can help you debug it?



Set a value to 1. Repeat forever-check once if value equals 1 then wiggle.
When a character is tapped increase value by 1. Wait 10 secs then increase value by -1. When a character is tapped check if value =2 then have them dance for 10 secs. Put this code in for each character you want wiggling/dancing


Sorry. When a character is tapped set value to 2 . Instead of increasing value by 1


Search Stradyvarious and you'll see I remixed it with Chillana wiggling until taped then does dance then resumes wiggling until tapped again. Apply the changes in code for each character creating a seperate value for each character.


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad I could help:smile: