How to specify clones

So I’m trying to make a button that gives a “3d impression” using clones, but the problem is when I click on the clone it also changes it’s possible.

So yea anyway to specify a clone would help!


if you want to reference a particular clone, you can do something like this to get only one or a set of clones in an object!

clone index checks what clone it is, and if it’s that particular clone it will run the code. in this case, the top check if will run the code inside if it is the first clone, and the bottom will run the code if it’s the second clone.
not my best explanation, but i hope it helps! let me know if you have any questions.
additionally, a better place to ask these questions may be this topic, where you can get coding help without needed another topic. :]


The clone index trait variable is the index of the clone that was created for the object. The original object is clone index 0, the first created clone has an index of 1, the second create clone is index 2, and so on.

It’s best if they are used in check if else blocks as it’ll run the code in one frame and prevent more than one clone index from being checked per rule execution such as when tapped.

For example if you tap the third clone, it’ll return clone index 3.

They are also useful for reducing lag in some cases, as you can set it so only a certain clone does an action, which is also useful for things like timers and count-ups (especially if the timer is bound to the object via object/trait variables).


Thank you both @Temm @Crosbyman64


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