How to shrink, stretch, and squeeze your screenshots!



Have you ever wanted to shrink your screenshots a little? Or maybe or them? If so, read on!

In this post, I'm going to show you how to use a small bit of the code that appears when you add a screenshot to your post to change the screenshot's width and height! I will demonstrate with this picture:

Here's its code:

You will notice the width and height of the picture at the end of the code. Just play around with the numbers and your screenshot will get stretched

and squeezed
and who knows what! :joy:

If you only want to shrink your screenshot, just delete the width or height section (but not both!) from the image's code.

For example, take this image:

Here's its code:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/c/9/c9c96afbb6842dc0cc4592133202b57494b87e3f.jpg" width="100">

As you can see, the height is not specified in the code.

Hope this helped!

Mom trying to help son!😱
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Cool! Thanks! Test...


Yeah, I've actually discovered this trick a while ago! Super cool! Nice Demonstration!


This is not only a hopscotch trick, it came from HTML! And there is a way to shrink it, I'm trying to remember how.


I think in HTML if you just put either the height or the width it resizes it proportionally automatically. But I'm not sure. Or you can do the height or width a certain percentage.

img src "(bunch of code I don't want to put in)" height="10"
img src "bunch of code I don't want to put in)" width="30%"




You just divide the width and height by 2! :wink:




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It's fine with me, I'm not annoyed. :grinning:


You are correct. I use HTML a lot so I know.


Yes, I knew about that too, but it didn't appear to work after I attempted to post an image using that method. (That is, it didn't work when I made this topic.)

EDIT: It works now, it was probably a bug in the forum.

Also, welcome back! :grinning: I haven't seen you since February!


Yeah, I've been doing a lot of Scratch but I have plans for more awesomeness when I can get on Hopscotch! I have made a platformer engine that is like a Scratch Platformer!


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