How to shade 3D objects in hopscotch



I have been recently been looking into 3D objects in hopscotch but I am having trouble making 3D objects. I want to learn how to do this. Could anyone help me?


Use this ig. Srry, gtg.


This is a perfect example of what I want to learn but I don’t get how it works @Legendary_myth


What do you mean?


The 3d object code should be something like

(When Game Starts)
[Repeat times 5]
(Clone Object)
[Increase Value (Y Pos) by (30)]
(Repeat Times 5)

(When Object Is Cloned)
[Set Position X (512) Y ([368 + (Y Pos)])
(Set Color H (0) S (0) B (Y Pos + 50))


That particular 3D effect is created by stacking 2D images (so it’s really 2.5 D)

Here’s a link to a really old topic explaining it


I’ve seen that tutorial though now as in @Legendary_myth’s cube it was shaded I know how to stack 2D squares but not how to shade them.


Make the brightness higher the higher the Y position


That :point_up_2:


@GameCodingCrazy123 @ThinBuffalo thank you for the help! Idk if it is possible to close this topic now or something but thank you guys!

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