How to see the whole title of a project!


Hey Hops! I finally figured out how to find the entire title to a project if it is really long!

just copy the link to the project, and then post the link in this topic and when you hit the link, it will show you the whole title on the top left corner of the screen!

I saw that someone had remixed a project of mine, and called it "happyfacegirl this is h..." I wanted to know what the h was for so bad!! :confounded: (I thought it might have been for horrible) but then i used the link trick, and found out that the title just said "happyfacegirl this is her project :hugging:" so yah that was a relief :joy:

Ok yah so if you are looking for a title, than you can post your links in this topic


I can't use the link, @happyfacegirl


That isnt a link, its just blue text. You copy the link from the project that you want to see the title of like this


Cool discovery! Exept the link isn't working..



Ohhhh ok Thank you!:smiley::smiley:


There's another way of showing the whole title, by "Saving as draft" :slight_smile:
Good tip anyway :D


Oh i didnt know about that. Dats a good trick too :slight_smile:


Yup! But I think yours is more effective(or something), because the web player has even more space to show the title than a draft.


Oh ok yay


Cool topic!!

@CreationsOfaNoob beat me at mentioning the other Weg…


Go to edit the title. Lots of my recent projects end in the word drafts