How to see hopscotch stuff, or something?



IOS (which is what I’m on) hates anyone from going into the data/code/files of anything, and I’m not about to jailbreak my IPad just to find out.


It’s on iTunes file sharing and in the files app.


Where in the Files app? I’m in the app, and I found the Hopscotch folder, but I don’t see anything… I dunno.


Hopscotch metadata


All three files in ‘Hopscotch Metadata’ said ‘hopscotch_metadata’ and nothing else. What?



What is that?

I tried copying java file to my pc and editing for secret blocks but it didn’t work…


How did this become a chat about how to see your followers?


What? Where?


I dunno… Sorry. :roll_eyes:


I click on it:

And this is what is inside:



You will need to copy that file into a computer and use JSON Editor Online.


It’s fine I was just curious ;p


Open it with an SQLite viewer.

Search google there’s a website


Terminal should work too then, if it’s SQLite


Do you know anything about sqlite? Do you know how to change specific information in it?


Uhh yeah.


Could you try changing the avatar I’d thing to 0

And seeing if it works

Like on an alt or something.



Ooh! It works… I have 406 followers! And 446 published projects! And heaps of other information! That is cool… :grin: Thanks, @Petrichor!


Do you know a link for mine?

Edit: oops I didn’t read as far down. :flushed:


Like what? This is very interesting. :exploding_head: