How to see hopscotch stuff, or something?



I made 11 spamliking accounts that all follow you. And then there is my main acc, my 3 other main accs and our collab.

Sorry to bust your bubble buddy


I know, probably about 100 of them are alts of people.


Yeah hehe true.

I have a pretty accurate guess of who made how many accounts that follow you




One of them I sold, plus my second account.


I have 220 ish on the forum. I have a few thousand on the app.

:smiley: none of them follow me thiugh


How do you see that?


He’s probably got some kind of hack.
I think he also knows how to see a user’s password on the app.



Why is the email a different height than the followers?


He photoshopped it.
He used markup, I think.


Ohhhh that makes sense. So how’d he know how many followers he has? @petrichor?


He’s not on rn.

Last seen 25 mins ago


He’s probably got a hack to find that out.


This went pretty of topic really fast :no_mouth:


I know. I tried.


No hack I just know a link where I can see my followers. I can also see other cool things about my account.


Woah! Maybe I’m too egotistical, but I would like to see how many followers I have. :blush: It would be nice if HS could add a thing that told you in the app though. BTW, how long did it take you to make 2 thousand(ish) accounts?


You can check by using the Hopscotch metadata but I use the api thing.


API? Metadata? I don’t really get what you mean.


You can get the metadata by checking your hopscotch files. It’s an SQLite file.