How to see hopscotch stuff, or something?



This use to be a coding tip page, but people have decided to start talking bout how to see followers on hopscotch (I think) so yeah that’s all.

It’s kinda irritating (no offence)

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@CodeHelp, @Petrichor, @pomtl, and that cat below could help. ; D


Sure! Here is how to trail art a circle! Also my P0L necklace!


You can do one faster with sine and cosine.


Thanks! I’m learning how to do that, so this is my way!
I will take your advice!


Another faster way would be to remove the set speed block altogether. For move forward 1, any speed above 40 has the same effect.


Yes. I was wondering why that was there too.


I didn’t know that! Thanks @Petrichor


The reason that work should is because the amount of pixels an object moves in single frame is its speed divided by 40. So by default it’s ten pixels a frame.


Wow! You must be a great coder @Petrichor


Petrichor’s pretty experienced; he is a pretty good coder on Hopscotch.


I can definitely tell.


Yes if someone else other than @CoderOfMagic didn’t know that already.


I didn’t! I just discovered Petrichor’s account!


Hehe. He has some beautiful art too, if you scroll down kinda far


:slight_smile: I know that @Petrichor is a good coder! But I know from experience that there will always be someone better than you


k back to coding tips.
(I’m everywhere now, I’m on one topic then seconds later, I’m on Hopscotch, back on the forum, another topic again…)


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