How to Say _____ Without Offending People, With A TWIST! (SBYP, don't change to be leader, ect.)



What is this topic?

You can post on this and say how to say a certain thing without offending others. These situations where you have to be nice are saying that someone is being rude, changing to be leader, and so on.

How is this different to other topics?

Look in the title! There's a twist. Basically, it's like a game! Every time you go to criticize or point out a problem, TBYP and say it nicely, and tag me if you want points! If it was nice, you get 5 points! If you aren't sure whether it was nice or not, this is a great way to check. Also, feel free to not do this, it's not a club and you can randomly tag me when you say something such as 'SBYP' nicely whenever you want points.

What do you use the points for?

For 15 points, you can get a coded prize such as a background or a trail art. You can choose out of:

  • Smooth background with bubbles
  • Cool moving bubble animation background
  • A food trail art
  • Trail art or a background having to do with your username
    Or for 100 Points...
  • A game/randomizer that you customize!

How can I say these things nicely?

First, don't act serious with it. Second, say please and use happy emojis! Third, use phrases 'I think' or 'it seems like' or ' a little' or 'not on purpose, you wouldn't do that!'

"Someone already did that. Search before you post."
"All topics HAVE to be related to Hopscotch! Don't be off-topic."
"Changing to be a leader is bad. You're being different than you were."
"That makes me mad! You're so mean. I'm done with this."

"There's already a topic about this, sorry! Remember, we have to search before we post. It's not your fault! Do you want to recycle this? :D"
"Oops! That isn't related to Hopscotch, do you want to recycle it? c:"
"I feel like you're changing to be a leader. Sorry if you're not! :3"
"That's a little mean. I'm not sure if you meant it or not, because you're a great person, but I feel hurt and angry. I'm going to take a little break. Don't say stuff like that, alright? (:"

Feel free to post your advice on being nice in these situations! :3


Can me (the boy) have my own stats from the girl? :D

We will tell you when we are on, and which person. :slight_smile:
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Nope! I'm not writing any stats for you.
You should re-read that post.
- the girl


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Thank you for doing so! :D


@tankt2016 people say "The boy from tankt2016" whats the "Boy"


friendship is being a little rude...however I think she was just trying to help​:smile:


There are 2 people on the @tankt2016 account
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What about Friendship? I didn't ask for pointing fingers :wink:


@treefrogstudios is right. This topic isn't for discussing arguments. This is fur discussing ways to improve them. The way you guys are talking about her is sort of ganging up on her. Maybe tag her and give advice on a nicer way she could've said that?


Also... I'll join ^.^


It's not a club :3

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No, the point system!


I know what you mean, but the point system isn't a club in the sense that you don't need to do it all the time :3


Oh I thought it was an ongoing thing where you had a list of the people and you wrote down how many points they had, etc. because I think it might be confusing if you award random people points XD


Dis es e GWATE tepic! Leiks fo yu!!! :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


Here's somewhere to keep score!

@Me ~~~~ 100 points
Put scores and names under the line! :3


Friendship was. But I don't care about that anymore. As long as I try to not be offensive…:wink:


Sorry, but this seems like it is pointed at me. And that can be offensive. :confused:


I see some fingers pointing at @friendship2468, let's stop gossiping about her!