How to save a video from lunapic on iPad?


Hey guys I know this is unrelated but I'm trying to figure out how to save a video I edited on my iPad in lunapic online and I'm not sure how to... save the full thing. Can someone help me?
I was trying to edit a to see if I could save it by cropping it, and I was trying to crop a Hopscotch tutorial. It was for further use.


Guys I need to figure out how to do this...


Click "Download", and then "Open in Google Drive".

Then you can save it onto your iPad from there.


On the website....
And I don't have a computer


Exactly. The only way is to, after editing the video, select to View/Download. An option will pop up to Open In Drive. Then, you can save a video to your iPad from the Drive app on your iPad.


I click "save" right? There's no view or download button


How do I save it to google drive


Ooh I found it. I had to click a certain button and save it as a certain file into drive




I can't do this anymore, it won't save to my photos, and it won't cooperate. At all.


Once you get it to Drive, there should be either a three dots or a box with an arrow coming out of it. When you tap it, it'll give you the option to save to images.


It didn't say images, it said iCloud photo sharing, which I didn't want. I gave up, it was too hard.