How to Reply without 20 Visible Characters


How to Reply to a Topic Without 20 Visible Characters

This is a simple how-to on a simple trick that is, how to reply to a topic without having to type 20 characters. Although THT probably put that feature in so people weren't spa.mming the forum with "hey" and "ya" and "sure". But there are times when all we need to write is, Thanks, or Ok, going to bed. And I know a lot of people already know this, but please refrain from posting: I already knew this. As its a rhetorical comment and will probably he ignored XD. Ok, here's the tutorial!

Step 1 Write your reply
Step 2 Get mad because you only have _____ amount of characters.
Step 3 Activate cartoon idea-lightbulb thing
Step 4 Go to your keyboard and put a crocodile mouth text object (<)
Step 5 Write a secret message after the crocodile mouth that is over 20 characters
Step 6 Post!

Now you can have amazing forum wizard powers. Your welcome.


Well posted!!!:clap:🏻:clap:🏻:clap:🏻:clap:🏻:clap:🏻
This is so great!!!


Thank you ^.^


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There is already a topic like this.

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Like this:



This is AWESOME!


So like this?


Omg it worked! Btw if you want to stop being invisible then do this sign > and type whatever you want to be visible.


Not to be a bummer but wasn't there already a topic about this? That's where I remember learning it


i is an MLG


Like @SpreadPositivity said. :slight_smile:


Oh, idk, I just started using it :sweat_smile:, but let's GBOT.


Same. You've got your eye on leader too much, with the new promotion. I do not remember the original Malie acting like this. You seem to have changed your personality just to get it, which many people forget lowers their chances of getting leader.


Huh, it didn't come up when I searched. Maybe merge or close this one?


Remember tankt, if someone is changing to get leader, they will know and decide wether to promote that person. Changing to be more helpful is fine, but just to get leader doesn't really make sense and is kinda silly. :sweat_smile:


You could recycle this, if you'd like! Merging wouldn't do much as of now, since there aren't a whole lot of replies. But if you'd like me to close, I can! :slight_smile:


Do you think I'm changing to become leader? The only thing in doing is posting in other topics trying to be helpful. I used to only post in the drawing topic :sweat_smile: But I guess if that's "changing" then I guess I won't.