How to remove the background from an image for making sprites



GO to this website
CLick “Upload” at the top left of the screen, then click the big blue “Browse” button on the middle right.
Once your pic is uploaded, then click "Edit"
At the bottom of the edit list is "Transparent Background"
CLick that, then click the white(or other colored) colour surrounding your drawing/image.
The white/colored background will be checkered to show it’s been deleted or transparent.
Then save the image.
When you upload or use the image, the white/colored background will no longer be there.

Also there’s this free app you can use (contains ads) to remove a background
Background Eraser - Cut Out photo to make PNG & superimpose by Alan Cushway

This is a bird i made with microsoft 3D paint.
The white background has been removed. SO if you copy/save this image, the image will just be the bird.

This is helpful if you like drawing your characters for games and don’t want a big rectangle sprite or the background.

How to give images a transparent background

This is awesome ;D

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Cool topic, I have the background eraser app!! I use it all the time for a lot of things, especially Hopscotch projects! I would recommend it to anyone :D


The app was recommended by THT in one of their tutorials.


I’ve never used the app or looked at most of the Hopscotch tutorials.
I’d rather use a PC program because a lot more can be done.


That bird is :ok_hand:


Thanks, but that was just a first attempt at fooling around with 3D paint.


Awesome tutorial! Thank you for posting this :slight_smile:


This is an awesome tutorial!!! Thanks a lot!

P.S When I read the title, I thought you were talking about the drink sprite XD