How to record in the new hopscotch update


So I got the new Hopscotch update and it said you could record gameplay easily, but I'm not sure how to record gameplay. Any help?


When you play a project that is published there is a little dark red button. Tao that and it will let you record.


I still can't find it! Can you take a screenshot of it for me? Thanks.


It's right here! :wink:

You have to have a newer/faster device to have it though, so that may be why you don't see it.


Mine is iPad 2 and I don't have it:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Same. I would be be really upset


I have an iPad Air and yeah I can't see it. :confused:


You have to update your iPad to iOS 9.1.


I am in iOS 9.1 and there is no record button. My device is iPad Mini 1


If your device is really old, it can't support the recording system. It's ok though if you have a Mac. Just use QuickTime.


Ok. But can I use QuickTime in Windows to record too?


Maybe! @Kiwicute2015 is saying Mac because Hopscotch is on Apple only. :wink:


I'm not sure. Does windows have QuickTime?


You can install QuickTime on Windows, but there is no Hopscotch on Windows, so yeah 🙁


I mean recording Hopscotch on Quicktime for Windows


Even I have IOS 9.1 and mine is iPad2


I have an iPad mini would it work on that??


Only if it's an iPad Mini 2 and onwards. The first Mini version won't have it. I have an iPad 4 and sadly it doesn't have it!


I have an iPad 2 but I don't see it


So I'm pretty sure the record option was available prior publishing. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Could someone confirm?!

It is far more useful for educators/schools to be able to record the process. Sure we can do this over AirPlay with Airserver/Reflector and of course QuickTime, but being able to this on the iPad alone is better!