How to put yourself in the new Birthdays section! 🎉


This is how to put yourself in the new Birthdays section!

First, you go to your Preferences in your Settings.
Then, you look around until you find this!

(It shouldn't say September 23, that's just my birthday.. and it's in 2 DAYS! :000)

That's all, bye! :wave:

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How do you get your user on the birthday thing?

Gonna add to Topic Portal


Thanks :D


Your Hopscotch birthday or your actual one?


I think your real because
1. That's what the Anniversaries section is for
2. It doesn't ask for the year


@Kiwicute2013 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219
Is it your Hopscotch or real birthday?


Real birthday

but I mean if you really want to put in your hopscotch one there's no stopping you


My Hopscotch birthday is December --- I just delete a Hopscotch screenshot from December 11 so I think I joined around the 9th. I put in my real bday though.