How to put GIFs into forum posts




Here is a link:
I actually got this from photo bucket by searching "hamster GIF"


Look at this


Awesome! Now that we know how to gif it up, let's try and keep them related to...


"gifs are the third best thing ever" am i the only person who disagrees with that?


@Ian mine didn't work.


Yes, we must remember our GIFs need to be on topic and hopscotch related
Computer Programming photo: computer 123.gif


THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! :grinning:


I know some GIFS are cute, but we shouldn't get off-topic. You can't always post a GIF. (Like this)


What the hackers are doing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ugh mine didn't work -.-


@Rawrbear this is what they are doïng


Try saving the picture and then importing it to here :smile:


@Rawrbear and @Nas-Studio are both correct


im going to start on a game like this soon..


OMG dat is so funny :laughing: Where did you find that GIF?


I just looked up "Troll gif" :yum:



I worked!!!! woo!!!! :slightly_smiling:


is the gif showing ?


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