How to program a character tutorial!


Hi again, coders!
You know I have told you guys how to make a background. Now, we have to program out characters to do stuff in our now colorful projects!

So first, if you would like to go on to your background project if you already started one, thats great! I am going to jump off of that draft I had made with the background. If you don't want to do that or didn't create a new one, just follow the steps on my previous topic on how to start a new project/create a background.

So, you are on your project, the way it would look if other hopscotchers saw it. Direct your eyes to the top right corner and click on the grey button that says Edit with a pencil icon. You are going to see your previous text object with that one background rule on it! Now, we have to drag out a new object. Go to the grey + icon on the first button on the top right, and click on it. If you scroll down, you would see black symbols, and characters, some locked. Out of the unlocked characters, you can click any. But, I am going to choose the brown monkey, and drag it onto my screen! As soon as you let go of the monkey, that Add A New Rule caption will pop up again! Click on it. Your pink Whens menu will pop up again. Click on "when the play button is tapped," This is an area we didn't enter before. Look under the My Abilites, part. You can pick any one of those, expect Change color, because that doesn't really FIT our character. I am going to do Jump. All you have to do is drag Jump to your workspace. If you would like to see the blocks that were used to make that ability, all you have to do is click the grey pencil icon next to the ability to see the blocks and make it yourself. Remember, you can make your own abilites!!! Now, click play! As soon as you hit the button, your monkey will jump. It won't jump again, but that topic is for next time!!

Bye! Let me know if any issues occur!


Nice tutorial! Maybe you could add some screenshots to make it a bit clearer. :wink:

If you don't know how, just click the home and off buttons at the same time on your iPad.


Welcome to the forum! @Mathgirl is right!


thanks for your suggestions!


Thank You! Yes, she definietly is right.