How to Program a Bunch of Random Things!


On this thread I will be posting a ton of random things that are useful for every hopscotcher, no matter what you are making.

Things That Already Have a Tutorial (On This Thread)

Flashing Text

Tutorials I Will do Next
1. Smooth Backgrounds.

Please leave any suggestions in a reply to this topic.


How to Make Flashing Text

First, get the text object that you want to flash. Add a new rule, whenever you want it to flash, and get a repeat forever block. Put two normal repeat blocks in the repeat forever block. Each repeat block should be 20.
Repeat 20 Times
Inside each Repeat 20 block, put a Set Invisibility block. In the first one, put +. In the second, put -.

First One : Repeat 20 Times ; Set Invisibility _ + _
Second One : Repeat 20 Times ; Set Invisibility _ - _

Now, in the first bubble of each, get the "Invisibility as a %" value. (Must be the value of the flashing text).
In the second bubble, put 5 for each. Now press play, and your text should be flashing! Any Questions? Reply with @Nerd4Ever to notify me.

Link to the Hopscotch Project I Made on This :
(The project may not load fully on a computer/web version of hopscotch.)