How to prevent/ narrow the chance of your collab account from being hacked



There was quite a number of personal accounts and collab accounts being hacked recently. So I got a few tips to prevent or narrow down the chances of you being hacked in Hopscotch.

Tip 1: Never EVER EVER share the password of your personal account.
- Mini tip: If it's a collaboration account, and you really really have to tell the password to the members, allow them to read it, ask them to like that information to notify that they have seen the information. Then, cenosore or delete that post with the information (DONT FLAG IT).

Tip 2: Change your password every month/year. In hopscotch, you can do this by tapping "I forgot my password". I know, I know, because you have not forgotten you password at all, but it's the only way to change it.

Tip 3: Always have a backup, if you have a very complicated project and it took you and your team a long time to make it, publish the project from your collab account. Log out and enter into your personal account. Save the project into your drafts. And go back to the collab account, unpublished the unfinished project.

I hope you find this useful

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Hacking Help, Catching, and Eliminating

Thanks for the tips! The Phase Company account had a really serious hack and again, thanks for the advice.


Yep, I saw that, go ahead and change the password of you haven't done so.


I think Phase Staff should create a new account because if someone is still lurking in their account, they won't get kicked out just because the password changes (which stinks).

You're totally right @comicvillestudios that you should save collab projects to your private account AND never share your passwords. Another thing to do is to log out of your account when you're done playing, especially if you have siblings or share an iPad with your classmates or friends. (As a big sister, I definitely know that sometimes your siblings think something is funny and then.....:stuck_out_tongue: )

Have I been hacked?

Is there any way to add an email to an account. (I want to be able to change my password, but I didn't put an email in when I made the account)


So far... Nope.... Why not ask @Liza


Also if you can EMAIL the password to certain people who your with so nobody sees it


Thank you for sharing these tips @comicvillestudios. I was thinking about this and I want to share a few things as well. @Liza has some other really good tips too:

Some things I'd like to add:

  • Setting non-obvious passwords
    Really strong passwords make your account secure. Some tips for strong passwords include:
  • We've discussed cyber security at school and we were shown a really helpful site for checking to see if your current password is secure. It also gives you tips on how to make your password more secure like adding symbols or more variety.

    The site was shown to us at school from groups teaching kids about cyber security so I'm quite sure it is telling the truth when it says it's not stealing your password. It's just a reminder to be careful. And you're not pressing "Enter" and submitting your password anywhere. Also the site is a https website which means it's secure.

    It might seem that setting such passwords is excessive security but people have been hacked on Hopscotch and you can never be too safe. Taking this lesson from these events is important too and at least you know for the future how to make your accounts more secure by using a strong password.

  • Doing collabs the old way – without collab accounts
    You can still communicate with other Hopscotchers from your regular main account via posting messages on projects. I've been doing this for months with other Hopscotchers without the use of collab accounts and it has worked fine.

    Or if you prefer another method of communication, open collaborations on the forum is great too. The collabs that @Stradyvarious and @TromaxTheDestroyer are doing are great examples of that and they work fine.


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Thanks for the info, @comicvillestudios! I found this very helpful! You know, people are probally looking at the Potato club's password all the time:expressionless:! It is for everyone, though everyone in the potato club...


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