How to post? (THX FOR HELPING!)



How do I post? I’ve seen pictures and stuff and I can’t figure out how to do that. Help plz :rotating_light::rotating_light::heart:


Hi! Welcome to the forum. Since you are a new user, you have to wait for your posts to be approved by our friendly team of mods. Don’t worry, as you gain trust from this community and the mods, the post check will be lifted and you can start posting without them all having to get approved.


Hello @CatsThatPaint! By the way, your username is really good!

To post a post, you use the “Reply” button in the bottom of a topic (a topic is basically a page with its own set of replies, and the top post explains the subject/purpose of the topic. This is a topic.) Here is how the “Reply” interface looks:

But like @Yusamac205 mentioned, you might have to wait a few days as you are a new member. Your posts might be under review, but as long as you keep browsing the forum and being involved in it, it most likely won’t be long until that.

Also, make sure to post appropriate posts and make them related to the current topic, which I know that you will do.

So, welcome to the forum!


Hi, welcome to the Hopscotch Forum!! :)

I have a few tips that I copy-pasted from an old comment, but hopefully they prove useful.
Some tips for the forum:

Things to remember
The portal to several important Hopscotch topics

MobCraft's Topic Portal

If you have any questions, tag me by typing @Jedi4Jesus. It will make my username look like this: @Jedi4Jesus. You can tag anyone in the forum but make sure to listen to them if they say they don’t want to be tagged anymore. Remember to do your best to be helpful in any topic! As others mentioned, you could get flagged (which means your post is hidden) for putting too many topics up. Until you become a “member” (after Discourse decides you are a real person) which I think takes a day, you won’t be able to reply to topics.


Ok, I’m getting used to the forum and I think I’m just gonna chat and share my ideas. :heart:️:cat:


That’s great to hear! :slight_smile: