how to post??? please help!

Please help! I was looking at the forum for a while and then joined recently and I don’t know how to post anything other than doing this, please help!


First of all, welcome to the forums!
Well, I don’t know why but for some reason when you first join the forums, it won’t let you post for a while. I don’t know the exact reasoning, but I remember that you just sort of have to wait a while and visit the forums for a bit.


So, to post pictures, you tap on the little button on the post that looks like an arrow&a box. Then you choose your photos and it uploads them. You’ve already learned how to do one post so, if you go on a topic that you like, you can post on it by hitting the ‘reply’ button at the bottom/side of the topic. Also, like koala krazy said, since you are new, you might not not be able to post much yet. If you ever need any more help, tag me like @Chibimeringue


Hello! Welcome to the forum!!
To post on topics, click the turquoise Reply button at the bottom of a topic

Here’s an image of it;

If you wish to reply to a particular post within the topic, tap the dark grey Reply button at the bottom of a post

Here’s an image of that too;


Yes that was the same for me! I coud not post for days it was annoying :frowning:
Just wait for a few days and you might be able to post! :smiley:


Hello and welcome to the forum! Like others said, you tap the “Reply” button at the bottom of each topic (this is a topic). If you are talking to a specific person on here, you can tap the Reply button that you can find after each post/reply.

Obviously you know how to make a topic, which is awesome! I usually share this topic to new users:
It has lots of links to help you get started with The Hopscotch Forum!

Also, make sure to read the community guidelines.

If you ever need any help or simply want to talk to me, write like this in a reply: @William04GamerA. That will send me a notification so that I can help you!


Okay thanks everyone! I understand now! :slight_smile:


Hello, sorry for posting this random item bye
Welcome to the forum, btw! XD

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chibimeringue, i still don’t get it. how do you join a topic? i’m confused

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Ah sorry this is late!
To post on a topic, you can just click on the little arrow button on the bottom of the topic!

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