How to post games?


Hi hops! I really want to know how do people post links for their game!? I recently saw unicorn post a fire monster game!


In hopscotch there is a square thing next to the like button, press that, answer the multiplication question and it will copy/give you a link that you can post on the forum. Hope this helps!:slight_smile:


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How to post links:
Go to a project you wanna post links.
Press the button beside the like button.
Solve s multiplication problem.
Then press copy.
Then just paste the link!


Thanks @MelodiousParrot! You did help me a lot since I was trying to post my newest slash mobs outcome!


Glad I could help​:slight_smile:


Yeah, and you to hero dino! And still, thanks for the welcome!


Can I try it now with a beta version?


Here's my beta game!
Hopefully the full version can get onto featured, I word for 2 weeks on this!


To get the link to a Hopscotch project, tap the little chain symbol next to the like button. Answer the math question, and then click "Copy Link". Then paste the link into a post on Hopscotch Forum.


No problem @Wateryninja
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Thanks @CreationsOfaNoob and @Hero_Dino! You guys helped me a lot!