How to PM someone on the forum?


Hello everyone!

So recently, if I have replied to someone 3 times in a row, the editor will ask me to PM the person. So my question is, how do you PM someone? I would also appreciate some other tips on how the editor works (:


Never heard of “PMing” a person


PMs have been blocked on this forum by THT, however I believe there is a hack that @Petrichor, @Sophia71205 and some others may know of, if you’re extremely desperate


xyou have to own a tag list


Private Messages have been turned off on this forum being they are too hard to moderate


Haha, that little pop up is just default to the discourse forums, but THT disabled PMs…except for one type. To pm, at least one of the 2 people must have a tag list.

It’s not a hack…but it is something that most people don’t notice…

Wrong there…I have checks 5 pms


How do you create a tag list?


You can’t. Only moderators can. T1 created some while she was a mod, but she’s left and THT probably won’t make anymore. In other words, you would have to pm with someone who already has a tag list


Ok then. So you have to email THT or the Discourse staff something to ask them to create a tag list, right?


It would be THT, but like I said, I don’t think they would make them. If you’re that desperate to talk to someone in private, there are other options…such as drafts on a HS collab.


Ok then. Thanks for the information @sophia71205! I think you have a tag list?


I think she does and I’m about to join itlol


Even me! Gosh, I just joined XD!


I’m already. Lol


Yep, I do, and that’s how I can pm people


You can’t PM someone here, because the feature is turned off by THT because of several reasons. PMs are really hard to moderate, for example.


i had a PM with Jonny


Oh my :couple_with_heart_woman_man: just when I thought JonnyLover347 was over :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahaha yeah we had a PM

now he’s left and i’m all alone :joy::broken_heart:


I believe many more peeps know about it