How to open the forum up to latest


The new update is awesome! One problem with it though, is that it opens straight up to categories instead of latest.

But what if that didn't happen. What if you could open up on latest?

I will show you how. It's actually pretty simple.

So, open up normal Hopscotch Forum:

And change to the latest page:

Click on the square with an arrow coming out of it (share button):

Press add to Home Screen:

You can delete the extra text:

Press done and BAM an icon will appear on screen for the forum:

It will open straight up to the latest page:

You can do the same thing with your bookmarks/favourite pages!

Thanks for reading and I hope that I helped!

EDIT: New fun Fact that I found and thought I would include here, there is an option to unpin topics when you reach the bottom of them (finish reading it) which can be turned off if you want to keep them pinned. This can be found at the bottom of preferences:

This may not be new, I believe it is though.


It is not new. I made my bookmark link to new. Hehe, good idea making this.


Well, I have done that before! But still, good idea for sharing with others that haven't!


It isn't? Ok. Thanks tho!

I knew that someone else would've done this! Yeah, I was trying to help other people that didn't know how to.


Good for you!

But why have you muted starry?



Personal reasons


Oooh awesome that you made a tutorial!

I learnt from @MR.GAM3R that you can also click the hamburger menu/three-lined icon next to your profile pic in the top right corner, then click Latest too.

On iPad/tablet, the Latest tab does appear on the forum homepage but it must be different for iPhone from the screenshots.


Oh i had not noticed what was in the last screenshot...maybe you could crop it just as an idea...?


Yes, it must be different on iPhone!

I have already received 18 likes on the top post and a lot of people must have seen it already. There's no use in cropping it now.


Oh, yeah it will keep your likes and everything :smiley:

Oh I had just meant maybe cropping out the list of muted users to replace that screenshot... I just was thinking about for others who might see later on too, but that is all :relaxed:


I did the exact same thing when the new format came out. Cool topic!


Oh, I see. Alright, I'll crop the image when I get back on my phone and reupload it then :slight_smile:

It's great to see that there are others who have found this method useful and are using it as well! Thank you :blush:


Aw it's alright, you know what, it's quick for me to do so I blurred out that part for you :smiley::

You can just paste this in now:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/2/f2765b319ff58e26b3ce45227de73eae636c7201.PNG" width="281" height="500">

But really thank you for offering to do it :blush:

Edit: and @Jojo no need for credit or anything too, I stress :slight_smile:


Oh, wow! Thanks so much! I'll edit that in now.


I just saw it now I remembered, thank you :smile: