How to nominate a project



How do you nominate a post and post a comment because this was only by luck?!??


Nominate a project for featured? Go to the Nominations for Featured 2 topic.
Post by clicking the reply arrow/key and then type it and click “reply”


Thx for that but I still don’t know how to nominate projects


You navigate to the topic mentioned by @KVJ. Then, you just grab a link to whatever Hopscotch project you want to nominate for featured. Post it in the topic and you are done! That´s it. If somebody already nominated the project you wanted to nominate, you can just reply to their post and say “I agree with your nomination too!” or someting similar.

I hope that this helps! :slight_smile:


Thx it really helps alot


You´re welcome! I´m just happy to help, tell me if you ever need anything else! Welcome to the forum by the way. :slight_smile: