How to navigate topics more easily



Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom to see what's been recently posted in a topic, or scrolling all the way to the top to see the original post, the forum has a feature you can use to jump quickly to different posts in a topic.

In every topic that has more than one post, there is a little box in the bottom right corner:

Click that and you'll see more options pop up:

The annotations in the picture tell you what each option does. You can see that clicking "Top" takes you to the top of the topic and clicking "Bottom" takes you to the bottom of the topic.

You can also go to a specific post in the topic. For example if you wanted to go to the 2nd post in a topic, you can type in "2" in the little space with a number and then click "go".

The last thing is it tells you which post you are currently at. In the picture, I was at the 1st post out of the 6 posts in that topic.


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