How to: Name a game!



Naming a game is very important! The name has to be easy to remember! It should also have little mystery! But not so much that it makes the game sound better than it really is!,If you have FancyKey or some other Unicode keyboard you can replace one of the letters in your name with a symbol like this: Inter☪ept,it still says Intercept but it looks it bit better!

And those are my tips for naming your game
So get coding!!


Cool tip @AHappyCoder! Just a piece of advice though, if you're adding special symbols in the middle of the name, it might make it harder to search up unfortunately :confused:

But it still looks awesome anyway :smiley: And here's another tip: keep the name of your game simple so people can remember it and it makes it easier to search up too :smile:


yeah i was confused on how to name a game

now that i have read this, i now know

thank you kind sir i will get coding


Why thank you


problem of the no


Cryptic as always