How to make trail art bangs (hair)



So on Twincill,Extras I’m working on trail art but HOW DO YOU DO TRIAL ART HAIR?! Can someone screen shot a picture of how the trail art works
@Petrichor it’d be a great help if you could help me


I think that I could help you out! What kind of hair would you like to make?


Um female hair with bangs I can’t get the bangs right


Have you tried drawing out what you want to do for your trail art? I find that it helps me visualize what I need to do in the code and what order it needs to go.


I don’t really know what you want, so here’s s tutorial on making a half circle on the top part of a trail art head.

This is just the custom abilities used in the project. I’ll only explain the draw front hair ability, but a link to this project is at the end of this post.

This is the ability itself. Let’s look at the front hair set position ability.

Since this is long,I have a couple other screenshots with the code split up into multiple blocks.

This screenshot is the code for the x bubble of the set position block. Here, I have moved the code in the first bubble that pops up when you tap on cosine into a variable. Width of trail is the width of the draw a trail block in the draw front hair ability. What sine and cosine do here

This screenshot is the y. Here, it was so Lon I needed to move the code for the y position of the area where it is going to be centered around to another variable. The screenshot says center of head, but it’s actually higher than that.

This is the draw a trail block. The repeat 90 block creates a horseshoe-y shape, and setting cos to 0 (default), then doing front hair set position again closes the half circle.

Let me know if there’s anything you don’t understand, or if you still can’t figure out what how to do what you want to do.

Hope this helps.


Yeah! I have I don’t know how to code it though


Thanks so much that helps a lot!