How to make those stretchy figures?


How do I make those figures where you stretch around the character with an emoji head?


What in humpty dumpty's name are you talking about?


Like di:


YES that's what I'm talking about now can someone please answer me?!


Look at someone code maybe youll find it and i know what ur talking about


I know what you are talking about I don't know though!


Get 10 circles that move to your finger when you press them. You should label them to make sure you don't get confused, and get an emoji for the face that also does this. Create 10 objects that leave a trail forever with set position to the body part you want another body part to connect to and the one you want that one to connect to. Now make all ten of them create a clone that does the same thing as the regular one in the same rule as the trail part. Then you get out another object that leaves the background trail forever.


@friendship2468 you could just use someone's as a reference.


Yeah but it's hard to remember things


You could put it in a draft then go back at it