How to make text increase when you touch something

Project link: {BETA} Wood Chopping Simulator by Jbomb Games

1-sentence description of the issue: how do you make a number increase anytime you touch something

What do you want your code to do? Increase every time you touch a tree

What is the code currently doing? nothing


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To Make a number increase every time you touch a tree in order to do so we need to use a game variable and not an object variable because, A game variable is Just one value. An object variable is a value but for object or clone meaning they will not have the same value as the game variable. In order for a text to show a variable you need to have the variable in the set text so it will show the value. But you will need to use an repeat forever in the when game starts or changing it to a when game is playing so that way it always shows the value. Here’s a picture to help you out if you need it.


Thanks a lot for the help!


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