How to make: Text faces


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  • Yes! Potato is Happy!
  • Potato is fine with it.
  • NOO! Potato is deep fried!



It's great! I like this topic


Uhoh!! Please unlist this topic, @PopTart0219, @BuildASnowman, @t1_hopscotch, @Kiwicute2016 or @Follow4LikesOfficial! If a "hacker" sees, they could hack bad words through!

@AHappyCoder, it would also help to delete everything on this post, because again, you can hack bad words through with this! If a "hacker" sees this, then the forum is doomed! :frowning:


What do you mean? How?



I shouldn't explain. No one should ever explain. It's too dangerous.


Give me 3 reasons why.


Someone please tell me! I'm dying to know! ;-;

  1. Unblocks words like "Gmail" that are meant to be blocked, but people exploit past it and give their email out anyway.
  2. It uncensors swear words.
  3. I feel like this speaks for itself, don't you?


I don't want to tell anyone, sorry!


Well, you can always flag it, that's what flagging is for. And why target this topic, there are MANY MANY others out there just like this.
Also, remember... Only the owner of a topic can request to close it. And this doesn't seem to violate the community guidelines.. It's only if someone abuses them, and if they do, read my post over again.


Ugh! I deleted the words :frowning:


Unfortunately, can't bring it back. If you don't want to rewrite it, it's ok! No pressure.


Did you vote the last option? -.-


Yeah. I feel like this is just too dangerous for the future of the forum. :confused:


Well it is deleted and will be until I can find the time to rewrite it


Thanks, and sorry. If you really want to, you could ask @Follow4LikesOfficial to go back to the previous draft.



Can someone tell me what happened?



People requested for this to be removed because people could use the < trick to uncensor words