How to make Stroke Art! (Special kind of Trail art!)


While doing this week's challenge (First Entry), I came up with a great idea. Why not make Trail art, but instead of just normal trails, I use strokes?
So I did that with modifications to my first entry, and this is what came out:

Link to the Sun Trail Art project!
Pretty cool, right? I think its feature worthy. So then I thought about it, and I thought, "Since this is pretty complicated, and others may want to try this technique, why not get them started off?". So I made a project that has all of the base code you'll need to get started!

Step 1: Get a copy of the base project in your drafts.

Use this link to go to the project. Enter it, and click the 3 dots in the top left corner. Then, tap the "Save as Draft" button.

Step 2: Changing the base Settings of the project.

Go into the project, open the editor, and find the Settings object. Open it up, and you will find a few values that you can change.


Detail is basically how many clones the project will make. The more it makes, the more detailed your strokes will be. Keep in mind that a higher detail will make the clones take longer to clone, and past a certain amount, increasing the detail more doesn't do much. I like to keep it at around 50.

Stroke Size:

The Stroke size is basically how thick your Stroke will be.

Advanced Settings

Mininum Speed:

This is the lower end of how fast the clones will move towards where they should be. This number should be between 0 and 1.

Maximum speed:

This is the upper end of how fast the clones will move towards where they should be. This number should be between the minimum speed and 1.

Step 3: Create your Stroke art!

To start coding your Stroke art, go into the draw object. You will need to delete everything from the rule "When Start = 1".

You will notice that there are some abilities on the bottom of the screen. Here's what they all do:

Set Color 1 to ___:

This will set the main color of the stroke to whatever color you chose.

Set Color 2 to ___:

This will set the secondary color of the stroke to whatever color you chose.

What if I want a different color than provided?

All you need to do is know the RGB values of your color. If you want to set Color 1, set the color 1 values under the Settings Object to the color values of the color you want. It's the same with color 2.

Begin stroke:

This will begin the stroke at wherever the Draw object is. Then you can move around your Draw object to wherever you want the stroke to go. It is important that you don't use this block more than once in a row without an End stroke block.

End stroke:

This will stop drawing the stroke.

End drawing:

This will stop the drawing. It is important you call this at the end of your drawing. If you don't, you'll see what happens.

That is pretty much everything you need to know on how to make Stroke art. If you make anything cool, show me by posting it in this topic!


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