How to make special emojis like this (・Д・)ノ @(・●・)@ wait to flag it is hopscotch related



Ok this is hopscotch related because you can use these text emojis as characters for hopscotch so here are the steps:
Step 1: open settings go into general then into keyboard

Step 2: tap keyboards and do add keyboard and add the keyboard romaji in Japanese you can also use kana but this is a tutorial for romaji

Step 3: go into hopscotch and open your keyboard, then hold down the globe icon and select the Japanese language.

Step 4: once you are in the Japanese keyboard click on the button that opens the numbers and in the bottom right of the screen will be a face looking icon.

Final step: click on that face thing and something like this will appear at the top of the keyboard

then hit the arrow on the right of the faces and you will have access to tons of text faces!!!


I use kana ...

Any difference :/?

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(^-^) (*:slight_smile:-:slight_smile:)


They are the same thing just a bit more complicated to get to in my opinion


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