How to make something shoot then come back



In Hopscotch you can make things shoot and comeback. Let's say your making a level where you have to shoot something.
You would put all of these (in order) in Repeat Forever:
When Character Is Tapped
(Whatever your going to shoot is what you need to add the rule on)
Move Forward (1000)
Set Invisibility (100) Percent
Move Foward (-1000)
Set Invisibility (0) Percent
Then when you tap your object it will shoot.


Cool tutorial! Maybe you could use pictures to explain it even better!!


Or just set position wherever


Thats good if the players character isn't moving.
Most games involving shooting have a character moving when shooting.
So instead of "move forward -1000"
you would "Set (Objects) x position to (Characters) x position + ?"
if its a side scrolling shooter and the character is always facing right