How to make something chase!



Hi, I have been looking for this answer myself now, but couldn't find it.
I later found one of the of ways of doing it, one uses this strategie:
I used check if else:
(raccoon is chasing)

Bears Xposition > Raccoons Xposition
Change X by -50
Change X by 50

(This can be put in a reapeat forever block)
Was this helpful? If this was not clear enough look on my hopscotch account, StrayFoxEleven and look for isle of hopscotch then go into MB, this has the code I showed here.


If you search for point towards in the topics you'll see the code for this.
Add a move forwards to this code and an emoji will go perfectly straight towards where you are touching
I used the same code you showed here a few months ago.
The movements are a bit jerky.


there is a different way that i used in skull battle, but it uses multiple rules