I will show you guys how to make smooth background!

  1. Drag out a red Set Position block. Inside, type 0 into the X and Y spot.

  2. Drag out a blue Repeat Times block. In the space, write 1024.

  3. Drag out 2 purple Leave a Trail blocks, and put them in the Repeat Times block.

  4. Drag the red Move Forwards blocks inside the purple Leave a Trail blocks outside where the code is, and to where all of the blocks are.

  5. Change the trail widths to 1, and choose any colors you want, just not the same color.

  6. Drag out 2 red Set Position blocks, and put one in each purple Leave a Trail block. In the first Y spot, put 800, and in the second Y spot, put 0.

  7. For the firs X spot, tap the bubble, and drag in the addition (+ symbol) block into the first X spot. For the first + spot, go into values and select Text X Position. For the second + spot, type in 1. The next X spot is simpler, just drag out another Text X Position and put it in the second X spot.

  8. Watch your glorious smooth background play out! Thanks for @Kiwicute2015 for the coding.


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Cool Background Tutorial!

Nice tutorial, you should use some annotations to make it more clear, like Skitch. Sketch is what I use.


Really cool tutorial!


I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL, I use the hopscotch teams version though. @PopTart0219 is it possible that you can help me with my drawing pad. I need some help with the code and custom colours. Could you please reply ASAP


Yeah, sure! What help do you need


With the custom colours I will post a project.


What is your hopscotch name? I searched your forum name and nothing popped up :grin:


It's Bubbly Oreo
With spaces.
I named it To PopTart0219


Also can you please add the custom colours likes the ones on your draw pad.


Yeah, sure! Finding project now


Once you have done a few can you please republish and I will add some and then so on :slightly_smiling:


Just so it seems you aren't pushed to make me a project :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, it's okay. How many colors do you want?


About 10 - 20 I have to go to school now. Bye


Bye, I'll publish what I have soon :wink:


Thanks :smile: You are amazing :slightly_smiling:


in my world's smoothest background you can't actually see the individual lines, it moves by 1/2 pixel at a time, and runs at about the same speed:grinning:


Wait how do code so it draws? I will post all the colours but could you code so they work??


Yeah, I'll do it tonight, after swim


you can see the lines,

yo dawg! I heard you liked screenshots

so I took a screenshot of yo screenshot, and then sook a screenshot of that screenshot and then it has lines