How to make saving games!



Have you ever wanted to make a saving, long-term game? Well, you're in luck. I've developed a way to make games save very simply. Say that you want to make a simple game where stargirl moves 15 different steps, each time changing x by 1/15 of the screen each time. But what if stargirl moves five steps, and you want to play another game and come back? The solution is simple, really. You just have to make a few extra buttons and values.

 Start the game up with two buttons. Make one say 'saved' and the other say 'new'. Make it so that when they hit 'new', the game starts as normal. We'll get back to the 'saved' one later. Now make a new value. Make it so that when  stargirl moves one way, it increases. When she moves the other way, make it decrease. (Make how much she moves, whether it let or right, proportional.) Make it so she starts on the complete end of whatever side decreases the value when she moves that direction. You do this so the value doesn't go into negative numbers. 

    Then make a 'save' button. Make it start to appear when 'new' is tapped. Make it so when 'save' is tapped, it stops all activity exept it's own. Then make it show the number of the value on the screen. Okay, now let's get to the 'saved' button.  After you see the value, you go to play angry birds or something. Then you come back and see the game has restarted. You click on the saved button. It will ask you what your number is. You will answer and it will bring you to the point of the game you were in. This is because it was programmed that when the number was selected it would take you to a certain point in the game. Make this happen for every number. There! You made your game!


Have you seen a game called Village 3x3? Bam! Mosquto falls dead The code I used for saving there is very similar....


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Cool. I didn't know others had the same idea as me. Good for you dude.


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here is a link to my game!


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Good job. The game is awesome!


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Thanks! The idea came from a topic called "how to resume in your games"


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