How to make Random Texts!



How to make Random texts!

A tutorial by SmileyAlyssa

Ok, so a lot of people probably know this. But there is still a lot that don't, so here goes nothing!

Have you ever wanted to set a random text? They are used in all types of projects, and are really helpful! Here is a tutorial on them! They are very simple to make, and very quick too!

The first part all depends on when you want it to set a random text. So hi I wether you want to set a random text when the play button is tapped, when the character is tapped, etc.

Then, you need to set a value. I call mine 'Random'. Now think about how many choices of random text you want. I want three random texts, so I set the value of "Random" random 1-3


Since I have a random of 1-3, I am going to drag out three check one ifs. Then in each check one if, I'm going to check if Random=1, Random=2, or if Random=3


And then here is the random text part! Inside each Check Once If, I'm going to put different texts. T


Then that's how you make a random text! You can have as many random texts as you want, you will just have to add on to the random value and add more Check Once Ifs!

I hope this helped! Here is the one that I made with at you saw in the pictures so that you can look at the code! :wink:

If you have any questions, ask me! I'm here to help, just tag me! :smiley:


Thanks! This is going to be really helpful for future projects! :grinning:


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It helped, @SmileyAlyssa!


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