How to make: Platform games!



Here is how to make a platform game!

Step 1: Add a square.

Step 1: Add a square
Drag out a square.

step 2: Add rules.

Step 2: Gravity
Add a new rule.

When the play button is tapped.

Get a Repeat Forever.

Change Y by.

Add a value called "gravity".

Use that value.

Add a new rule: When 7 = 7

Increase value Gravity by -1

step 3: Platform touch.

Step 3: Platform touch
Add a "platform" object.

Add a new rule.

When Square is touching Platform. Set value Gravity to 2.

Step 4: Jump.

New rule on the "Square".

Add this code.

Step 5: OPEN ME NOW!

Add easter eggs about your developers! Credit to @CreativeCoder

And press play!

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Credit to the person who made the last option!

How to make a list to choose from

Remember, if long game do da 7=7 :wink:




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But why potato? (next time on: Creative Coder gets deep)

Anyways, yay for platform games! Good tutorial!

Step 5: hide Easter Eggs in the code about your dev team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, what does it mean?


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CC gets deep #2

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Ok, back to platform games now :sweat_smile:


In case you didn't figure it out yourself, your objects don't have to be a platform and a square. And your jump prompt doesn't have to be When the iPad is Tapped. Play around with it!


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