How To Make Pixel Art



Want to make pixel art? Here's how. Go to hopscotch and create a new project. Click on blank project. Today I'll be showing you how to make a pixel heart. You can get other pixel art off the internet. If you do the heart this is what will look like.

Draw out a text block and give it no name (Place it kinda high up to have room for the drawing.) Every pixel has an ability, and a starting place. The starting place is where the first pixel will start. First we need to make an ability called starting place. The starting place is the text block's position. So use a set position block and enter in the text blocks coordinates. The first dot of the heart is black, so make an ability called black dot. Pull out a Leave a Trail Block color Black and for width go to the values and create a new value called Width, pull out a set value block and set width to 75. Inside of the Leave a Trail block move forward 1 and pull out another move forward –1. Outside of the leave trail block but inside the ability pull out a move forward the value width. Do what you did whith all the colors including white for your pixel art. At the end of each row, you use the starting place ability and up you use 3 new abilities, Move Down, Move Left, and Move Right. How to make those are in the next pic. That's all you need to know about pixel art. Hope this helped.

Pixel Art Templates For Beginners!

nice tutorial, @SlipperySalamander!